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123series is an ad-free site that allows users to watch and download TV shows and series in HD quality without paying any dime. Although 123series is free of charge, its quality is on the same par with that of paid streaming services. 123series boasts an extensive content library and features that are normally saved for membership users only on premium sites. Some remarkable features to name are fast loading speed, ad-free feature, fast content update, 24/7 customer service, and many more. 
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Why pay for paid streaming services or settle for low-quality free sites when all you can do for safe and excellent online streaming is to switch to 123series instead?  

123series is the best and safest site to watch TV shows and series online. With an extensive content library with tens of thousands of titles, we are confident you can find any content of interest on the site. No matter what kind of shows you are up to today, be it Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, History, Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, or Game-Show, you can definitely find interesting titles to watch. Our collection of TV shows and series is even bigger than those of paid streaming services. And in addition, we also provide users with premium features that they have to pay for to enjoy elsewhere.

Is It Illegal to Use 123Series?
If 123series is not banned in your region, it is legit to use. Although 123series is not a legal site itself, watching pirated content on the site is not considered illegal, according to copyright attorneys. However, you should keep it in mind that illegal downloading and file sharing might cause you trouble with the authorities. To avoid being subject to criminal or civil charges, you should protect your identity with a reliable VPN. 

Is 123Series safe?
It is completely safe to watch series and TV shows online for free on 123series.vip. 123series is one of a few sites that are ad-free. Your security matters the most to us so we refuse to sell ads for an income. While most ads are safe, some of them can infect your computer with malware. To protect our users from cyber attacks, we say no to ads altogether. You can enjoy your TV shows and series on 123series without worries about data loss, identity theft, or corrupted networks. 123series does not require users to provide their information for signup. Therefore, you can rest assured there will be no information leakage either. To sum it up, 123series is the safest site for free online streaming. Check out our list of features below and you will realize, we are also the best one:
- A huge collection of TV shows and series with multiple subtitles.
- Various genres and subgenres.
- High-definition videos (720p, adjustable).
- Fast loading speed.
- Smooth and untroubled streaming experience.
- Private and safe streaming sources.
- Fast and regular content updates.
- Optimized UI & UX.
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported.
- Zero ads and pop ups.
- No account or registration needed.
- Best customer service.

123Series is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from MoviesCloud and watch it later if you want.